A 45-minute hot stone massage to the whole body for relaxation

Massage to the whole body with hot stones and essential oils in neck, middle, feet, hands and abdomen. A unique experience are conducted and relaxation.

30-minutes face GUA SHA

30-minutes face GUA SHA

facial shine contour Restoring45 minutes massage the entire body with hot stones and essential oils and revitalizing with essential oils, collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Treatments Price List

Hot Stone Massage

45 minutes massage the entire body with hot stones and essential oils

60 €

The stones used are basalt, a rock with special healing properties. It is volcanic and has the ability to expel from the body the tensions, is full of energy and excellent heat conductor. This means that perfect absorbs heat and disperse evenly along the energy properties as in contact with the body. The stones are round, have a smooth texture and is very pleasant to the touch.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes massage the entire body and face with hot stones and essential oils.

80 €

The hot stones have analgesic properties, vasodilating activity, relieving muscular pain and improve blood circulation and the oxygen to the tissues. Their energy nature together with their physical properties has amazing results. So apart from pains eliminated anxiety, tension, emotional blockages and general disturbances of the energy body.

Gua Sha

30min facial treatment for shine and rejuvenation

60 €

it reduces dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes.
                   Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
                   Moisturize face.
                   Makes more smooth and shiny skin.
                   Reduces open pores.
                   Lifts and makes the skin firmer.
                   Tightens facial Oval.
                 Eliminates toxins from the face thus improving blood circulation.

Therapeutic herbs and infusions

A wide variety of therapeutic herbs and drinks will relax you and stimulate you throughout the day.

from 5 €

We offer a wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs of the Greek earth who are allies of our organization in every difficulty like stress, tiredness, insomnia, the extra weight. Still can stimulate you and offer wellness filling your breakfast to your afternoon rest after bathing.